How Our Teams Performed in the Fantasy Playoffs

By Matt Brandon and Greg Buch
This is a blog we started back in Week 5 of the season, as we thought it would be fun to illustrate to fans of our site the trials and tribulations we go through with our own fantasy teams. Yes, just like you, we play fantasy football ourselves and have about 30 years of experience between the two of us. If you'd like to experience first-hand how our seasons have unfolded just start with Week 5 on our webpage and go from there. Hopefully, you'll learn from our mistakes and our successes!

Greg's Teamsphoto of journalist Greg Buch
Greg graduated from Gulf Coast State College with a degree in software and web development. He's the creator and developer of this site and has played in many fantasy football leagues over the last 15 years. He's been a life-long Cincinnati Bengals fan and wishes the team performed half as well in the playoffs as his fantasy teams have done.

The Fighting Aardvarks
photo of the Fighting Aardvarks fantasy football team logo

Their backs up against the wall, my aardvarks had done everything they could to prepare for battle. They had done hundreds of ab crunches, run up and down the stairs at the Philly Museum of Art, lifted heavy rocks, jogged on arduous mountain trails, drank raw eggs in one gulp, and followed a strict organic, fresh-kill Atkins diet. Now the moment had arrived to seize destiny: a meeting with a fierce third-place jhgcffv squad for the right to ascend to the league playoffs and set the rest of the league's quivering entrails firmly under their crusty yellow claws!

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